Aquadyne Filters

Aquadyne Model 2.2b

Aquadyne Model 2.2b

Model 2.2b
For ponds up to 7,500 gallons

Price - $2,129.67
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Model 2.2BH Package Option: - Includes a 2" High effeciency Control Head with 2" plumbing in and out. (Same head and column as used in the Model 4.4, just 4 inches shorter in length.) If you must have 2 inches in and out of your control head this is the way to get it. If you are trying to squeeze every last Gallon Per Hour out of your pump, the High Efficiency Control Head with 2 Inch plumbing will help.

Price - $2,309.03
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Description & Specifications

Dive in and see what the future offers in no hassles, low maintenance filtration. Aquadyne By KOI CAMP Aquariology, The Worlds First Perfect Bead Filtration System. Boosts Total Biological Filtration Capacity Approximately 30%. The Dyna~max forced air cleansing allows thorough washing of bead media through a significant increase in turbulence of media prior to backwashing. The forced air washing, completely breaks up the entire media bed and frees all fine materials that may otherwise remain suspended in the media for further biodegrading. Reduces the water Necessary to backwash by as much as 80%. During a normal non air-assisted backwash cycle, the Model 4.4 would typically require between 200 and 300 gallons of water to effectively clean the filter of waste. With the Dyna~max system you can backwash the same filter with as little as 60 gallons of water. This is most desirable for those wishing to install a larger filter on a pond of a lesser volume than the filter is rated for, because very little make-up water has to be added to the pond after a backwash cycle and a much larger fish load can be maintained in a smaller environment, while greatly entending the time between backwashing.

  • Support Up To 150# of Fish
  • Avg. Filtration Flow: 1000 - 4000 Gph
  • Min. Backwash Flow: 2500 Gph
  • Sug. Pump: 1 or 1.5Hp 2spd. or equiv.
  • Dynamax Air Assist Option: Installed
  • 2.2 cubic feet of media
  • Diameter 24" Height 46"
  • Maximum Pressure: 50 PSI
  • Average footprint with pump and UV sterilizer: 24"D x 40"W
  • Avg. water to Backwash 50 Gal.
  • Includes 3 Quick Disconnect Unions with Male Adaptors
  • 1.5" plumbing on all ports
This filter can also be powered by a submersible pump like the model 1.1-B with little difficulty. This is a milestone for a filter that requires very little manitenance. A note on Aquadyne Pricing
If you find a better advertised price or a price that allows you to have a lower total cost, (even if the better advertised price includes incentives), call and let us know. If we can match or beat the other advertised price (including incentives) without losing money, we will. You have nothing to lose. Surf and then call us at 1-800-531-4535. is located about 30 miles from the Aquadyne factory. Just let us know how we can help you.

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