Customer opinions: our most prized asset

We are very proud & fortunate to have worked for so many dedicated pond and koi enthusiasts. We work tirelessly to deliver more than expected, as we know that our customers are directly responsible for the success of our company. We hope you enjoy reading what some of our customers have said about us and about our work, and we hope that you too will become one of our valued customers.

Bill & Yvonne Mason

"We could not be more pleased with the recent repairs done by you at our home. I am so impressed with the quality of the repairs, the ingeniousness with which you came up with the redesign of the plumbing, and the efficiency with which you accomplished the task. I had dreaded having this done before meeting you, and only wish I had contacted you earlier. You and "Mosquito" are marvels, and so neat as well. I appreciate all that you have done for us in restoring our pond. All is working beautifully."

Dr. Jim K. Sandy Springs, Ga.

(Then another note the following year) "This is just a note to Thank You for our pond – we have so much enjoyed it this year, and it is all owed to you!! Thanks for the wonderful restoration project last year – It is so gratifying to see it restored to it's former glory! We deeply appreciate all you have done for us.

Dr. Jim K. Sandy Springs, Ga.

Hi Bill, Thank you so much. All is well and Lloyd and Betty are just thrilled with their pond. Lloyd is so pleased with the simplicity of the pond maintenance. As you know, after almost two years of battling with the "green water" and cleaning those filter pads once or twice a day, he is in heaven.

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you and Jose did. Our only regret is that we did not find you when the pond was going in…….there are just some things you should leave to the professionals and pond construction is one of them.

We never dreamed that pond filtration would make such a difference. We tried numerous solutions from several different sources to clear the "green water" – and nothing seemed to work. As you know, Lloyd and Betty are both in their 80's and the pond has been a wonderful addition to their landscape, but due to the "green water", it was a "labor of love". After finding you on the internet and reading all the testimonials, we gave you a call. Once you assessed their pond and made your recommendations, they were thrilled to hear there was a solution.

Once you installed the new filtration system, they noticed a huge difference within a day. After a couple of weeks of clear water and very little maintenance, they are so thankful to be enjoying their pond and fish. Thanks to you and your staff, they are now enjoying their pond – especially being able to see their fish.

Thank you again for the wonderful job and the joy you helped to bring to our family!!!!

God Bless you, your family and your wonderful business!!!
Take care, Patsy C.

"Thank you so much for building our beautiful Koi pond. Bill not only gave us quality advice but also was extremely detailed in the installation. It was also fun being involved with the design process. Bill invited us to help pick out the boulders, which I was thrilled to do. It was a most pleasant experience, and the end result is a beautifully designed pond, which is running like a smooth engine. Water is crystal clear and the waterfall was designed in such a way that you feel you are sitting next to a rushing stream. We are amazed at how much natural sound comes out of this waterfall, and credit can only go to how professionally it was designed. We are newcomers to the world of Koi ponds, and Bill was so helpful in giving us the right advice to make it an enjoyable beginning. I have been told Koi can be very difficult to maintain, but with the filtration systems and correct design, we have not found that to be the case at all. A lot has to be said to having the right environment to thrive in and Bill did just that. We would thoroughly recommend anyone wanting to build a pond to contact Bill at Georgia Ponds. You will be glad you did.

Ken & Angela B., Douglasville, GA

"Bill, We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the new filter system you installed. The water has never flowed so well nor been as clear. Maintenance is as quick and easy as you stated it would be. The sludge buster has worked very well in the pond itself, and I am still working on the stream. For anyone that has a pond, I encourage them to install a system such as this, I have tried many over the past 8 years, and none have worked very well."

Tim & Diane O. Marietta, GA

"When we were visiting different ponds on the Koi Pond Tour, we kept noticing, in particular the quality of the workmanship that was evident in Bill's work. This was our reason for choosing Bill to install a new filtering system on our existing pond. We were very pleased with the new system and the professionalism with which it was installed. Bill and Yvonne are great people to work with."

Larry & Dorothy R. Atlanta, GA

"I was very pleased with your service. I have done my own pond work for 15 years but could not solve the problem I was facing with a new addition to my filtration system. With your good working knowledge of how pond water systems (filter and water features) work you came up with the answer almost immediately--and at a reasonable price. I can rely on your expertise."

Mike T. Atlanta, GA

"Bill is a fantastic guy who is truly skilled in analyzing and designing pond filtration solutions. He is meticulously detailed and very customer oriented - he gets my strongest recommendation!"

Beau B., Atlanta, GA

"Bill obviously loves what he does and you and your pond will love the results."

Jan S., Acworth, GA

"It is with a great deal of pleasure that I make a recommendation to anyone in need of help with their ponds. Bill Mason has been so much help to me both in making repairs on my existing equipment, and adding new equipment to my Koi pond. He has worked tirelessly in making sure we had maximum efficiency in the products that we already had, even to the point of calling the factory where it was purchased, successfully getting them to replace what was not working effectively, even though he was not the one who sold it to us originally. The trip from his home to our home is approximately 180 miles round trip but his charges for his services has been very reasonable, and I have been most satisfied with his services. He is very knowledgeable in this field, and I trust the advice he gives me completely. He has gone above and beyond the call of duty in his association with me."

Ronnie W., Thomaston, GA

"After installing a fish pond 2 years ago I was plagued with unclear water. Bill Mason visited, understood the problem, and solved it completely, quickly, and within budget. Great Job"

Richard P., Gainesville, GA

"Not only did you provide quality dependable service, but my system now operates at 100% efficiency! The fish are happy and so am I! It is difficult to find people who are knowledgeable enough about our KOI hobby to provide advice and service that works."

Suzanne G., Stone Mountain, GA

"Just a note to thank you for passing on the info about the deer scarer at fountain for me. It was just what I was looking for! I'll continue to check your web site and pass it on to my friends."

Thomas J., Milwaukee, WI

"Thank you for your quick response and shipment, thank Bill too for his help in solving the water problem in the blower. He is great!!"

Don D., Baldwin, NY

"Thank you for having your products available on the Internet. I got the Alita 80 Air Pump. I will be using the pump to replace an existing pump on an Aerobic septic system, but thank you for offering other products that you sell. Just wanted you to know that I thank you for taking time to make sure your customers have every thing they need."

Jeffrey S., Austin, TX

I want you to feel free to use this commentary or have any new client personally contact me for my feedback.

In today's business world, quite often I feel that service and quality are a lost art; but not at Georgia Ponds. From the initial design, to the installation and to the follow up service, Bill Mason has been a true professional. You may receive a lower "bid" (like I did), but this was one instance of getting what you pay for; I am extremely pleased with the system that Bill recommended and installed.

After maintaining a submersible pump and box filter for almost 2 years, my pond was becoming my second job. The new system has fulfilled my objective of less maintenance and more ENJOYMENT. In hindsight, it was a GREAT decision to upgrade and to choose Bill Mason of Georgia Ponds to do the work. My advice would be to go with what Bill recommends and don't shortcut his design.

Stephen K., Roswell, GA.

I wanted to drop you a note to say "Thank You" for your help and expertise in getting our leaky, murky pond running again. By adding the new Pump, Filter, and Ultraviolet System, it has made all the difference in the clarity and quality of the water. After two other so called pond contractors, a year of grief and the threat to fill the pond in with dirt, we are now beginning to enjoy the water feature and so are the fish. A "Big Thanks"

Dolores S., Oakwood, GA

Thank you Bill! I am so surprised! # 1 -- I got an answer! # 2 -- I got an answer quickly! # 3 -- The answer actually answered my question!! I'm already a happy customer and sure will be back. My ponds and I have found a home. And I will spread the word. Again...thank you so very much. Nice to see "old-fashioned" customer service still alive and well.

Suzi B., Pflugerville, TX

Hi Bill,

It's been a few weeks, but I installed the aeration equipment you sold me: The 12" diffuser with base, manifold, sinking tubing and no-kink tubing. Just wanted to say everything works beautifully---we really love to see the bubbles coming out of the diffuser and I'm sure the fish love it too. Thanks for helping me out with these products and with the advice I needed. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Lou C., Welleley, MA

When I went outside to look at my fish pond I couldn't believe my eyes. The water is crystal clear! I mean very clear. It has never been like this so you can only imagine how happy I am about this. Thank you so much for helping us put this together. I haven't seen my fish like this probably ever. Now we can just enjoy it every time we go outside!

Thanks again,

Robert and Mary Ann M., Port Neches, TX